09 February 2009

The Tackmar Game

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Tactical Marker Update – Geneva | NATO | UN sign codes (update to the post from February 2006)

Tactical Markers | Tacmars | Quadrant Sign Codes | FEMA | NATO Markers is still the most read article on my site (and I thought I was the only one having fun with the topic!). So here is a bit of an update on what has fallen into my lap on the subject since my one and only post back in February 2006.

I am somewhat amazed at the search terms very highly placed government and military officials (who shall remain nameless) have used that brought them to my little spot on the web – 'quadrant sign codes' is the most searched wording from those sources. That is also the term that Jim Keith uses in his book 'Black Helicopters II'. I do wonder however, why they would be even looking for these terms on the internet – unless maybe there is some merit to the topic.

It is also nice to know that there are more individuals around the planet that have become aware of these delightful little day-glow stickers that decorate the back of our highway signs almost everywhere. While searching to see what was new for easily accessible information to fill in some of the gaps on the subject I found that there is still very little available to the public (this may possibly be due to the possibility of it being considered classified information). The scuttlebut on who makes them leans towards '3M'

A few more pieces of the puzzle have fallen in place for me over the past few months. First a neighbor stopped by for a visit and exchange of information and he dropped off a book called 'Black Helicopters II – The Endgame Strategy' by Jim Keith* (IllumiNet Press).

Syncronicity (not coincidence) would have it that in the book is a chapter on 'Quadrant Sign Codes' that added to the information to follow where the illuminated stickers direct traffic. Then a gentleman who served in the Infantry in Wales confirmed that while in service they followed the illuminated stickers to guide them after dark to their destinations. They did not however, look at the signs they had just passed that were on the same side of the road they traveled. They looked to the back of the upcoming signs on the opposite side of the roadways for their direction codes with some reference to the signs on their own side of the road. Jim's book contradicts this and to attempt to follow them looking in the rear view mirror or looking backward out the front passenger window as is stated in his book is not nearly as practical as looking across the road to the backs of the upcoming signs. He does indicate that the roads would be blocked to public traffic and only military and emergency personnel would have access to them.

The quadrant sign code system was apparently developed by NATO as a universal "sign language" to bridge language barriers among multi-national military forces (NATO | UN) deployed in unfamiliar foreign-speaking territory. These signs and reflective markers TACMARS | FEMA QUADRANT SIGN CODES on the backs of many signs are coded to target vital sites, facilities, resources and personal properties to be confiscated and used by these troops.

Following are some of the details of the tactical marker placements from “Black Helicopters II”:

The key in the game it appears is the relationship between the clipped corners of the Quadrant sign codes and their placement on the sign. The sign itself is a marker with it's clipped corners.

Sticker in the middle of 2 posted signs = upcoming turn

Upper left & right clipped corners = upcoming turn on major routes

Lower left & right clipped corners = turn direction
Clipped corners = cross over turn indicator

Upper left = turn ahead (non directional)
upper right* = turn ahead (non directional - *used less often)
Placed on the bottom left or right = turn direction/sign cross over
(usually found on center mount signs)

Green quadrant sign code - Processing center (Schools, military bases, etc.)

Following are a few clipped parts from the Jim Keith's book:

*Jim Keith (1949 – 1999), the author of numerous books died from knee surgery complications and it was rumored that he had been assassinated for revealing the name of the physician who claimed Princess Diana was pregnant at the time of her death. [The Sad Passing of Jim Keith]

Books by Jim Keith:

Mind Control/World Control | Purchase Black Helicopters by Jim Keith Here | 'Black Helicopters II – The Endgame Strategy | OK Bomb | Saucers of the Illuminati | Casebook on Alternative 3 | Casebook on the Men In Black

As these codes are to be used for the betterment of the general public in troubled times all things being ideal, it would also be beneficial to have knowledge of what the four phases of disaster are:

Preparedness - refers to the activities undertaken by individuals, groups, families, organizations or countries to handle a disaster when it strikes. Such activities may include making a plan, exercising a plan, or stockpiling food.

Response - are those activities that pertain to the initial activities after the disaster has struck. This may include search and rescue activities, clearing debris, activating the Emergency Operating Center (EOC), and feeding and sheltering victims (and responders if necessary).

Recovery - refers to the activities involved in getting a community back to its pre-disaster status. This may include the rebuilding of homes and businesses, or obtaining funds from private, local, state and federal sources.

Mitigation - represents activities that can lessen the impact of a disaster before it strikes.


U.S. Strategic Highway Network (STRAHNET) roadways are those which would be used for the rapid mobilization and deployment of armed forces in the event of war or peacekeeping activity." (Global Security.org).

Under "OPERATION CABLE SPLICER" all local government agencies will be confiscated and placed under FEMA control. All sheriff and police agencies will be under new management with military supervision.

B. C. Disaster Response Route

U.S. Department of Transportation Security areas

U.S. Concentration camp information

Stepping Stones to War

FEMA Concentration Camps in the USA (video)

City of Denver Fema Detention Camp Channel 4 News (video)

Concentration Gas Camps in the USA (video)

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