31 May 2008

Duncan's Departure

Quote for the day:

"Medicine is a collection of uncertain prescriptions the results of which, taken collectively, are more fatal than useful to mankind."

Napoleon Bonaparte
(Military General & Emperor of France)
(1769 - 1821)

Duncan & Alice

Dear Duncan Whalley departed our company earlier this year. Not so much due to the Cancer as Pneumonia.

Duncan enjoying Healthier Times

The system never did get a physiotherapist or any assistance beyond the basics to him during the entire extra year he lived beyond their expectations.

My rant on the injustice of our medical system was covered in my previous post from August 15th, 2007. See Title link above for easy access to the post.

In honor of Duncan and my Mom's brave battle against this ridiculous illness that so many funds have gone into researching for a cure with NO POSITIVE RESULTS – here are some of the options available that the pharmaceutical companies don't promote (no profit margin). Each of these has vast numbers of testimonials on their phenomenal success rates fighting cancers and more.

In number one position for me is to cleanse the body's liver and internal organs thus cleaning the bloodstream. A few of the many choices available:

  1. Essiac and Hoxsiac are herbal preparations containing purified water, burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, and turkey rhubarb root.
  2. Epsom Salts liver cleanse.
  3. STRAUSS Heart Drops.
Also recommended highly:
  • Good Probiotics program to replenish the good fauna in the system (ie: Avena)
and it is derived from the Silkworm Moth

  • Salt Water Cleanse for Sinuses – I have been doing this one for over 25 years. Oprah Winfrey did a segment with Dr. Oz on it's benefits and the new NeilMed Sinus Rinse system which more and more physician's are recommending before a prescription these days in our part of B. C.
  • Enemas - yes all body parts need cleansing especially here.
  • Lots of good quality water to help flush the toxins from the body.
  • Colon Health – more info than most folks want to know about their insides
  • Run From The Cure - The Rick Simpson Story - I have not tried this however feel it is worth including. A free online documentary by Christian Laurette of Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada on one man's incredible success rate at curing Cancer with Hemp Oil and his uphill battle with the mainstream health system. A high speed connection is required to view.

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