15 August 2007

DUNCAN & ALICE - A tale of Two Cancer Survivors - A Survival Miracle In The Making

Quote for the day:
"I was brought up to believe that the only thing worth doing was to add to the sum of accurate information in the world."
Margaret Mead
(1901 - 1979)

This post is in keeping aware that there is more than one option to treating illness.

Here is where my energies have been the past few months - offered from my heart space to yours both a happy and sad tale and 'YES' it is true.....

As I sit here alone in my little corner of the planet located at the back of a wood shop on the farm of a wonderful family on my minimal B. C. Disability Allowance - I am aware of the compassion of our species for each other and more.

Here however I present an example of how far off the mark we are in truly assisting our fellow man.

Back in 1992 through a synchronistic set of circumstances, I had the privilege of being introduced to a delightful couple by the name of Duncan and Alice. Duncan was experiencing back pain and a mutual friend asked me to give him a massage. On the third massage I found an anomaly in Duncan's lower spine. It sent an electrical charge through my hand and arm and left me weak. On the spot I asked them to get to a Doctor as I had never felt anything like it in my life (being 57 years of age this 2007).

It was a cancerous tumor and it had taken over in Duncan's body. They chose mainstream medicine and chemotherapy (as do most of us).


It is now September 2007 and the tale of Duncan & Alice is a long one. If not for my own experience within our current medical system, that being one of dissatisfaction and mistrust, I would not be here to tell their story. My mother, grandmother and uncle all died from cancer that I believe to have been treatable with natural herbs found on our planet. If not for using these herbs I too would have passed on from this 3D nonsense a while back.

Back to Duncan and Alice:

Earlier this year a friend and I went to visit Duncan and Alice in Powell River to say good bye, having been informed that the Priest had come and given Duncan his 'last rights' (Catholic - it doesn't matter the religion - know that the Spirit of God exists in all religions). He was to have been buried within the week.

Here is where the usual tale takes a twist:

Thanks to the intervention of Spirit - I found the financial resources despite my 'budget-restrained' lifestyle to go back to Powell River and take some CanCure (similar to Essiac) , Probiotics and Silverado Colloidal Silver to my friend to ease his remaining days.

He's a bit of a redneck and as I approached his silvery-grey body on the air bed (kindly donated by the Knights of Columbus) in the middle of his living room with his wife sitting ever vigilant by his side, the first words that came out of me were: "Hi Sweetie it's The Spacelady - as you have such a determination to live in this 3D world while I and others are wanting to leave this chaotic planet, open your mouth and drink this for me." He smiled up at me and opened his mouth for me to pour in the herbs and silver.

My quick visit, now many months ago, turned into a longer one as Duncan awoke the next morning with a raving appetite that has not diminished to this day. He had been unable to move or feed himself for months and without the love and dedication of his amazing wife he would not be alive today.

His body was bloated and the cancerous tumor had grown from his spine to his stomach and further. His legs were bloated and broken open. The details of anyone passing away with cancer are available to all so I will not delve further into this area. Yet know that due to the Cancure, Probiotics and Colloidal Silver, he is now able to move his legs and feed himself and sit up a bit, not to mention the 40 lbs he has gained.

My upset and outrage at this point in their tale is that the mainstream medical community that care for Duncan have refused to pay the ambulance bill as Duncan was to have passed on some time ago - according to what is understood about cancer under our current medical system. Holy Shades of Michael Moore's new movie 'SICKO'!

The mainstream medical system says that Duncan and Alice have chosen an alternative therapy and not their prescribed medication only, so they cannot fully support what has transpired with Duncan's health.

Thanks to another dear friend Duncan and Alice have been supplied at no cost the life saving Cancure, Colloidal Silver and Probiotics that are keeping our dear Duncan on this planet to see and share the summer of 2007 with those who love and care for him.

The latest reports from Alice are that the tumor has receded from his stomach, much to the amazement of his Doctor and Nurse and he can now sit upright with the help of his bed. The Nurse and Alice have been discussing acquiring a wheelchair and physiotherapist for Duncan.

A group of us here have committed to and are currently donating what we can once a month to a food fund at Canada Safeway Powell River, B. C store.

Here's a link to an audio on palliative care if you want to know a bit more on the subject.

Thanks to:
  • D. Cooper for his knowledge and generous financial and emotional support.
  • Their wonderful friend who is throwing a fund raiser barbecue in September in support of Duncan and Alice. Also for keeping a jar on her table for anyone who wants to assist to be able to drop their contributions into.
  • 'The Knights of Columbus' for their donation of a hospital air bed.
  • The friends of Duncan who emptied their pockets a few months back to assist them.
  • Duncan's sister for keeping them supplied with good drinking water.
  • 'Eric's Shuswap Automotive' for seeing my vehicle was repaired at an excellent rate to make it roadworthy to travel to Powell River.
  • The Silver Creek General Store in Silver Creek, B. C. for their support.
  • Alice's parents for their continued financial and emotional support.
  • Linda & Sandra in Calgary - bless you!
  • Linda & Dave in Golden - thank you for your kind contribution.

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