01 March 2007

The Hidden Records by Wayne Herschel Breakthrough Hypothesis - Missing Pyramids at Giza Discovered on an old map

While wandering the internet earlier this week, came across this refreshing information by Wayne Herschel. His innovative research and approach to information that has been looking us in the face has lead to some refreshing new discoveries.Have listed below a few tidbits to tweak your interest from Wayne's website and encourage all my friends and occasional readers to look at what he is presenting.

These star maps all appear to display the unique human blueprint geometry code. A pictographic story can be interpreted in relation to the star pattern. Wayne Herschel believes its meaning is paramount in uniting all of humanity as one if the star map 'message' is true.

All the other pyramids match bright stars that are nothing like our Sun. Wayne Herschel suggests the 'Sun' Temple was named after a 'Sun'-like star and has nothing to do with our Sun at all.

A new scale interpretation displaying some very ingenious mathematical adjustments (see Wayne's book) that must have been made intentionally by the pyramid builders, and speak of an incredibly advanced very early civilization.

The great star of the Castel Sant' Angelo. What does this star represent? Is it a coincidence that it holds the identical elongated pentagonal shape that fits an overlay of the Vitruvian man like the other ancient star maps Wayne has deciphered?

For more information on the sacred geometry and Vitruvian Man/Leonardo Da Vinci connections on the following two photos go to Wayne Herschel's website or better yet order his book "The Hidden Records"

The following is directly from Wayne's website for any of us interested in assisting to promote this wonderful information and book:

Wayne is currently setting up regional promotional personnel in major cities, as an after hours part time project for those seeking extra income.

If you see yourself as an entrepreneur with a passion for this genre and would like to hold what has already proven as very popular 1hr presentations of 'The Hidden Records talk/slide show' events then please consider this offer.

If you are comfortable with public speaking, book marketing and organising and presenting (pre-prepared script) slide shows (and TV clips) - then please contact Wayne at:


and title your email: 'talk presenter application'.

Enough said by me - go grab a cuppa your favorite beverage, sit back at your computer and check out his website.


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