04 August 2006

Discovering the Endless Possibilities for Reality

Quote for the day:

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”
John Lennon
Musician & Pacifist
(1940 – 1980)

Here’s a topic that is ever changing and expanding and there is so much new information and wisdom coming forth almost exponentially on the subject. ‘Our Universe and What It Is’ or as it is currently being called – ‘Superstring Theory’ is currently the leading candidate for the theory of all that is in the universe. The inventor of string theory is Leonard Susskind a physicist.

In string theory, physicists tell us that the subatomic particles that make up our universe are created within ten dimensions (plus an eleventh dimension of "time") by the vibrations of small "superstrings". The average person has barely gotten used to the idea of there being four dimensions: so how do we imagine a tenth?

Thanks to the hard work of some excellent minds and heart spaces there is an excellent website with a video for the layman to visualize all 10 Dimensions. It has given me a better grasp on the whole topic from a science perspective so had to share with anyone else like myself who likes visuals as well as the written word.

‘Imagining The Tenth Dimension’. Start out by clicking on "Imagining the Ten Dimensions" in the Navigation section: you will see a set of animations, with narration and sound effects, which take you from the first to the tenth dimension. After viewing this animation one can't help but notice the similarity to The Tree of Life.

Photo Credit: The Interactive Qabala

Here is a documentary worth watching numerous times – for me it took numerous times to get a grasp on all that is discussed. "What The Bleep Do We Know?" (1 hr. 45 min. 57 sec.)

(update 29JUL07) The video has been removed from google video however here is a 7 min 49 sec overview of the movie posted at youtube:

With the help of fourteen leading quantum physicists, scientist and spiritual thinkers, this documentary guides us on a course from the scientific to the spiritual and from the universal to the deeply personal. Along the way, it asks such questions as:Are we seeing the world as it really is? What are thoughts made of? What is the relationship between our thoughts and our world? Are we biologically addicted to certain emotions? How can we create our day every day? The answer to the last question is a resounding yes: we are an infinite set of possibilities, and we can choose every day which reality we want to create for ourselves.

And to round all this off - here is the Mandelbrot Set - which traces out the evolution of our universe when the math is entered into a computer. (1 min 53 sec.)


South Pole Neutrino Detector Could Yield Evidences of String Theory
String Theory: a multi history video
NOVA - The Elegant Universe - PBS - 3 hours
The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Survivor Accounts
Escape From 3-D


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