21 February 2006

Ancient Civilizations

Quote for the day:

Look and you will find it - what is unsought will go undetected
Greek tragedian
(496-406 BC)

The field of Archeology has fascinated me since a young child. It is sad that money in the form of greed or lack of it for true philanthropists, fear and dogma have kept so much ancient knowledge from the masses for so very long.

Often when something is discovered that doesn’t fit the current dogma, it is sequestered and causes images of the last scene of ‘Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark’ with its massive vault of crates stored away from the public eye to come leaping to mind.

Here are some discoveries both old and new to tantalize the explorer in all of us:

1. Japan's Underwater Pyramids

In the waters around Yonaguni-Jima, Japan, divers located eight separate areas spread over 311 miles on the ocean floor in March 1995. The structures are at a depth of 20-30m and are dated between 5.000 and 12.000 BC, a fact that contradicts all existing knowledge on the cultural and technological level of the region at that time

The magazine, Ancient American broke the news.

Japan’s Underwater Pyramids - photo credit:
Cyberspace Orbit

2. Ancient Egyptian Treasures In The Grand Canyon

This story related to the Gazette by Mr. Kinkaid, the archaeologist of the Smithsonian Institution, who financed the expeditions, tells of discoveries which almost conclusively prove that the race which inhabited this mysterious cavern was of oriental descent, possibly from Egypt, tracing back to Ramses.

** it may be that the entire story is a newspaper hoax, however it was on the front page, named the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, and gave a highly detailed story that went on for several pages, lending a great deal to its credibility.

Front Page of the Phoenix Gazette - April 5th, 1909

photo credit: wovoca.com

3. Secret Chambers in The Rockies - Ancient American Magazine

…Entering this chamber, he saw ten stone boxes. He opened five of them; they all contained small, metal plates inscribed with an unknown script. Nearby lay two large stone coffins. Opening them both, he found they contained mummified human remains. One body allegedly had red hair with skin still attached to its bones, while the other was blond…

George Keller and a lad named Lone Eagle were playing among the foothills of the Rocky Mountains above the farm owned by George's father near Manti, Utah in an area behind Temple Hill. - Plates discovered by John Brewer

Copper plates in original wrapping - Photo credit: The Treasure Hunter's Hideout

4. The Dropa Stones

The Dropa disks tell the story of a space probe from a distant planet that crash-landed in the Bayan-Kara-Ula Mountains Mountains in the Himalayas.

The occupants of the spacecraft - the Dropa - found refuge in the caves of the mountains. Despite their peaceful intentions, the Dropa were misunderstood by members of the Ham tribe who were occupying neighboring caves and who hunted down the stranded species and even killed some of them.

A translation of one of the passages says: "The Dropa came down from the clouds in their aircraft. Our men, women, and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise.

When at last they understood the sign language of the Dropa, they realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions."

The stones go on to say how the Dropa were unable to repair their disabled spacecraft and could not return to their home planet, and so were stranded on Earth. If that's true, have their descendents survived?

Today, the isolated area is inhabited by two tribes of people who, in fact, call themselves the Dropa and the Han. Anthropologists have been unable to categorize either tribe into any other known race; they are neither Chinese nor Tibetan.

5. Crystal Skulls: Skeletons of a Mysterious Past

The Mitchell-Hedges Skull: - King of the Crystal Skulls

The discovery of this artifact is very controversial. It was brought into the public eye by British explorer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges , who claimed that his daughter unearthed it in 1924. Mitchell-Hedges led an expedition in the ancient Mayan ruins of Lubaantun, in Belize (then British Honduras), searching for evidence of Atlantis.

photo credit: Parascope


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07 February 2006

FEMA Quadrant Sign Codes or Tactical Markers/Tacmars

Quote for the day:

"Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave."
African-American abolitionist
(1817 – 1895)
For those of us looking for something else to explore as we travel the highways of North America, here is a project that might help. See how many ‘Tactical Markers’ you can find on your journeys and where they lead.
Three tack marks denote a facility symbol.The red arrow up indicates an airlift facility
About ten years ago I noticed reflective stickers popping up on the backs of some of the highway signs in our area of the province. Did some research and found that when followed at night by their reflective quality on the back of the highway signs in the oncoming lane (unless a divided highway) they took me to:
  1. An old military barrack (now a community/recreation center)
  2. Numerous train loading platforms outside various towns and cities
  3. An empty grassy meadow at the top of a mountain
  4. A bible camp with many cabins and kitchen facilities
Traveling the Trans Canada Highway at night is a fascinating adventure with a little knowledge of the placement of these stickers as directional codes.

Secretly embedded codes like these are part of "Operation Garden Plot" where U.S. forces/National Guard and Partnership NATO/UN military will police and patrol our streets and highways during MARTIAL LAW. Detention areas, and facilities with massive air-lifts are planned to relocate the populace to "safe zones" during a bio/chem or nuclear attack.
A bit of investigative research indicates they are part of a military plan known by several names:

These coded markers are used to overcome language barriers among allied peacekeepers. They point to old military installations, and to ski resorts, schools, churches, and undeveloped areas which are equipped to become temporary cities in times of civil disturbance or emergency.

Here is a brief explanation of how the quadrant sign code works:

  1. Signs are divided in half, left and right.
  2. Markers positioned on the right side, point right.
  3. Markers on the left side, point left.
  4. Markers turned on "end" are an arrow "UP" code, signifying a site for pick-up helicopter airlifts
  5. Marker on top means straight ahead
  6. Double ended arrow denotes an airlift facility
  7. 3 arrows denotes a facility
  8. 2 arrows denote the direction of the operational site
  9. The coding on the stickers is also used to point to drugstores with passport photo services. Under martial law, this facility may be used for medical care, inoculation/vaccination, and creation of ID cards.
Tacmars’ are used to encode the following information:
  • Directions to closest military installations
  • Directions to closest triage or quarantine facilities
  • Facilities with Internet access, for the following purposes:
  • Communications Identification and/or background search of individuals
  • Directions to closest detention facilities

Note the triad (3) markers and arrows, which is a confirmed facility symbol, targeting an important site for confiscation. Arrows *UP* denote a pick-up point of some kind, usually airlift/drop zone site

The civil defense purposes of the US Interstate System are no less believable than TACMARs. And some folk out there say that these markers are used to date the signs, with many signs needing half a dozen or more date stickers.Newsbit:
Naval Chief Petty Officer Testifies Of Tacmars during Tour of Duty in Middle East
'While I was stationed in Beirut, Lebanon after the bombing in the 80's, I saw those markers (tacmars) put on the back of their road signs to bridge language barriers among multinational peacekeepers doing military operations in the city.' (CPO A. Phillips U.S.N.)
Some links to get your research started:

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