19 October 2005

‘Stand Your Ground’ – ‘Shoot First’

Quote for the day:

“The sign of an intelligent people is their ability to control their emotions by the application of reason"
American writer & critic
(1904 – 1990)

The United States appears to be relaxing its gun control requirements one state at a time with much support from the NRA. The "Castle Doctrine" so named by its conceiver, Florida lobbyist Marion P. Hammer, a former NRA president is gaining momentum state by state.

In a more compassionate world guns are not an issue. Fear creates defensive positions while Love and Compassion create a greater understanding and ability to seek non-aggressive avenues of resolution.

As a species we can change our planet by responding with understanding rather than reacting with fear. War, weapons, starvation and oh yes, let’s not forget dear old greed - makes me question the state of our evolution here on Mother Earth.

Here is a bit of what is going on in the good old U.S. of A. with their current gun laws:

~Florida's new gun law removes a duty on the part of citizens to retreat in the face of an attack as long as they are in a place they have a legal right to be, including a public street or their place of business. It also gives immunity from criminal or civil charges to a shooter as long as the person shot is not a police officer. Under the new law, Floridians may use deadly force against an attacker, even if they could have gotten away. It also requires prosecutors to presume that someone acted in self-defense.

~Juneau, Alaska - Handgun owners no longer need permits to carry concealed weapons. There also are no more restrictions on keeping a firearm in a vehicle. "We are looking to make it uniform to all 50 states," said NRA spokeswoman Kelly Hobbs. "Without it, it creates an unfair, inconsistent and confusing patchwork of local firearm ordinances."


If more guns lead to less crime, then why does the United States, with the developing world’s most lax gun laws, suffer from 93 gun deaths every day, four to five times more than any other industrialized nation? If owning a weapon makes people safer, then why does a gun in the home triple the risk of homicide? If gun accessibility is not a problem, then why do firearm fatalities remain as the second leading killer of this nation’s youth?”
Adam Lichtenheld

Brazil had the highest number of gun deaths in the world in 2003 according to government figures. Brazil's gun control laws were tightened in December 2003. They now require psychological and gun-handling tests, a clean criminal record and high registration fees that are too costly for many Brazilians. The government says the tough legislation helped cut gun deaths last year from 2003, when they totaled over 39,000 - the first drop in 13 years.

"There is no other state in the nation -- and no other civilized nation on Earth -- that has a law like this," said Brady Campaign spokesman Peter Hamm. "It could cause the most aggressive people in society to overreact." The Brady campaign is run by James Brady, who received a gunshot wound to the head in the attempted assassination of President Reagan in 1981. In 1993, his campaigning was rewarded by Bill Clinton, who signed the "Brady Bill" which imposed restrictions on hand-gun purchases.

"There are lots of people, myself included, we really value our constitutional rights," said Anchorage Police Chief Walter Monegan. "But if we had the same enthusiasm to also support our constitutional responsibilities, then I would be less concerned over this issue."


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