27 August 2005

The Tree of Life and energy vortexes

Quote for the day:

"The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand"

A few years back while visiting with two dear friends of mine we unintentionally discovered interesting phenomena regarding the properties of ‘
The Tree of Life’ and it’s configuration. It all started with an incredible night’s sleep.

In the beautiful apartment of my friends in Vancouver, British Columbia on arising each morning I was greeted with something along the lines of how radiant I looked. Nice for anyone to hear however each morning my health and mental state improved almost exponentially.

Got to wondering if there was more than a good night’s sleep involved and proceeded to pull out my compass to determine where magnetic north was located (good to sleep with one’s head aligned north). The compass shifted up to 45 degrees when approaching within a 6 foot radius of the bed I slept on. What was going on here?

After some time of searching and moving around with the compass, we found the source of this activity. There was a beautiful ‘Tree of Life’ printed on an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper with double and single terminated crystals laid out on each of the Sephirah on the floor by the bed.

Photo Credit: The Interactive Qabala

While sharing the story with my inventor/science pal and his wife at dinner the following night his eyes lit up with that twinkle he gets when he is on to something good. He explained that what the layout of crystals combined with the ‘Tree of Life’ formation creates is an energy vortex– now that is fun! Imagine the possibilities.

Photo credit: Vortex Science

Kewl Tidbits:

The Tree of Life is a Mandala, an archetypal symbol of wholeness common to many cultures. The Tree of Life is a magical symbol like the diagram of a wiring circuit, only instead of electricity we are working with spiritual power and energy.

It’s the place between sleep and awake - the place where the whispers come. The Tree of Life is an inter-dimensional learning system set up to help people who want to learn more about themselves and their reality. The Tree is beyond time and space - emanation occurs in an infinite dimension.

The root of the Tree, Malkuth, is our connectedness with earth, and a sense of tradition. The "body" of the tree is the work we do, the Karma we incur, the Karmic debts we pay, and the blessings and healings we bestow. The result is the fruit at the top, Keter.

The 'tree of books' was developed by Jewish mystics first in the "Sephir Yetzirah," (Book of Formation) between 100 and 600 A.D.; and then more thoroughly in the "Sefir ha Zohar," (Book of Splendor) written between 1280 and 1286 by Moses ben Shem Tov de Leon in Guadalajara, Spain.

Vortexes are "power spots," There are two types of energy vortexes: Positive vortexes expand and perpetuate energy, while negative vortexes dissipate energy.


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