03 July 2005

NASA & Comet Temple 1 Impact

Quote for the day:

"What we need is star peace and not star wars."
President of the Soviet Union & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
(1931 - )

‘Holy shades of Star Trek’, ‘Doctor Who’ and advanced space weapons testing!! Here is a piece of news going on in our skies today that has the ring of life mimicking the movies for me.

Photo credit: NASA Deep Impact

NASA is going to crash an 820 lb (371 kl) probe into Comet Temple 1 at 10:52 p.m. PDT and record the event with a flyby mothership, satellites and planetary-based observatories.

We are told that the intent of the mission is to view substances that have not been seen since the formation of the solar system. They hope Deep Impact will not only yield information about the composition of comets, but also shed light on the make-up of the early solar system.

Hawaii, the western U.S.A., Mexico and parts of Central and South America will have the best views.

For live coverage of the event check out these links to information, telescopes and web television:

Deep Impact: Home Page
A Journey Through Space & Time
Kitt Peak Observatory
Space Daily


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