30 July 2005

The 'Bcc:' field in an email address - Netiquette

Quote for the day:

Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back.”
Thomas Sowell
Philospher, Ameican Economist & Political writer
(1930 - )

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This information is intended to make you a neater, considerate and more thoughtful "E-mailer". Your friends and their friends and so on will be thankful.

When sending an email many people place all the email addresses in the ‘To:’ field. There are two drawbacks to this practice:

(1) You are publicizing someone else's email address without their permission.
(2) The recipient knows that you have sent the same message to a large number of recipients

‘Bcc:’ means Blind Carbon Copy. It is a way of addressing mail to more than one person so that everyone's address is not displayed for all to see By placing all addresses in the ‘Bcc:’ field the recipient will only see the address from the ‘To:’ field in their email, so if this was empty, the ‘To:’ field will be blank and this might look like spamming. I put my own address in the ‘To:’ field and all my recipients' addresses in the ‘Bcc:’ field.

The ‘Bcc:’ field:

1. Protects your recipients' E-mail addresses from being spread to strangers.
2. Helps prevent SPAM (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail)
3. Messages will be easier on your readers because they will be smaller, with fewer addresses on each message. They will even download faster.
4. Consideration of others by not publishing hundreds of your friends' addresses to strangers and potentially, spammers or maybe even stalkers.

Try it out on yourself by sending an email to yourself and ‘Bcc:’ yourself also to see what it looks like.


Electronic Mail Etiquette
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Email Etiquette


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