14 June 2005

Messages of Water

Quote for the day:

Hado creates words
Words are the vibrations of nature
Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature"
Masaru Emoto
(1943 - )

Water exposed to the word 'PEACE'
Many years ago my naturopath gave me a healing exercise to do. The prescription was to go home, look in the mirror at myself and say “I LOVE YOU”, sounded simple enough until standing in front of my mirror at home. Three simple words were uttered and to my surprise found myself in tears! What was happening here?

Looks like the answer lies in the negative programming one receives in this reality and how it imprints the water/crystalline structure of our body. Water feels vibrational fields and responds accordingly. In my case and that of many other of my friends who have done what we have come to call ‘The Mirror Game’ – the positive words shocked and raised our vibration in a most wonderful and healing way.

Ugly words create ugly nature - water exposed to the word 'Hitler'
Photo credit: Spirit of Ma'at

The science behind the prescription is here thanks to the research of a wonderful human being.

Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist discovered that water has consciousness back in 1994 utilizing Magnetic Resonance Analyser (MRA) technology to measure the properties of water. MRA has been used worldwide in alternative medicine to measure the ability of the human body to resonate, or vibrate, at certain frequencies, as well as to test natural healing substances.Together with his team and volunteers, Dr Emoto collected numerous water samples from many parts of Japan and around the world. His daily observations of water were done in a freezer room.

To capture the secrets of water on film, he had to take a photograph at the moment when the frozen ice crystals started to liquefy."Healthy water will show a complete hexagonal crystal structure. Dr Emoto explains that water contains Hado, an intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness. "Musical vibrations contain positive and negative energies, depending on the information inscribed into them.

Happy Water Crystal
Photo credit: Masaru Emoto

~Music by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven forms clear and beautiful crystal structures.
~Pop and heavy metal music shows no well-structured crystals.
~The prayers and chanting of monks forms clear and spectacular crystal structures.

"Positive information results in beautiful hexagonal crystals, while negative information shows otherwise, when we are aware of this and communicate good feelings and messages, the quality of crystals will be beautiful, and hence the quality of the water will be good too".He suggested that we take care of the water that is within ourselves. "As we are mainly composed of water, we should vibrate good energy to the water in our bodies." Positive thinking and emotions, affect the quality of water in our body, hence affecting the condition of our health. Stress, a cause of many illnesses, is a result of the bad energy we carry in our body's water.


Masaru Emoto
HADO - The World of Water
What the Bleep Do We Know!?
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The Spirit of Ma'atDigiBio Research Laboratory
Hado: Experiments on the consciousness of water


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