01 June 2005

Man Summons UFO live on News

Quote for the day:

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
Albert Einstein
(1879 - 1955)

A big thanks goes out to a good friend from the Ottawa, Canada area for this article found while he was surfing Fortean Times.

Photo credit: Billy Meier - Oct. 9th, 2004

Mike Dello Stritto of KTNV - Action News interviews Ramon Watkins, who prefers to be called by the name "Prophet Yahweh" as he Video of Man Summoning UFO on Demand on the 11 PM news. Prophet Yahweh (Ramon Watkins) says he learned to call UFO’s from information he found in the Old Testament.

KTNV-TV has not archived the interview on their website however, the video can be viewed at : World Net Daily: 'Prophet' summons UFO for camera 'Prophet' summons UFO for camera along with a few other videos that were not aired on the KTNV-TV broadcast.

Took the time to email Mike Dello Stritto @ mdellostritto@ktnv.com to verify the authenticity of the broadcast and he has confirmed it was aired May 26th, 2005.

Interesting to note that the UFO heads off towards Nellis AFB as it leaves the camera’s view.

Have seen lots of this sort of phenomena over the course of my lifetime – I was not however, calling on Yahweh during these times. Will have to admit that happy thoughts and a bit of positive prayer do seem to have some connection with their appearance. Have been wondering how long it would take for someone to turn it into a new religion and claim him or herself the leader…this guy thinks he is the one! And they call me The Spacelady!!


Coast to Coast A.M. Prophet Yahweh Bio
Arnold Engineering Development Center
NASA's Marshall Center


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