21 April 2005

The Silence Within

Quote for the day:

"People turn to Spirit when their foundations are shaking , only to discover that it is Spirit that is shaking them:

What a glorious morning in the valley! The sky is clear, no wind, the air smells wonderful and the temperature is above zero for the first morning in a week. It feels more like desert country these days with high's of 20 to 30 degrees celsius during the day and dipping to below freezing during the night.

Photo credit: Sweet MountianAir.Blogspot

Almost 7a.m. and the sun is almost down the mountain side to the valley below and I am going out to enjoy it.

Came across my one and only poem ever published and share it here:

In Love and Light I Honor Thee.
And Give this Life Most Gratefully.
That through this vehicle you’re Love may flow.
And fill this World with Your Wondrous Glow!
I Love You So through the Dark and the Light.
You are Most Precious in my sight.
May Your Mysteries and Magic and Wonders of Old.
Here and now begin to unfold!


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