30 April 2005

Rejoice In Each New Day

Quote of the Day:

"Joy Is The Feeling Of Grinning Inside."
Melba Colgrove
Author, PHD

Another beautiful blue sky to start the last day of April – the frogs have silenced their song that goes on all night and the birds have taken over with their welcome the morning song and from out back the rooster adds his voice to the chorus. Do believe they are saying the weather is perfect to play in my garden this fine day.

Here is a wonderful poem my Dad gave to me years ago – good words to live by – so I share them here:

Rejoice in Each New Day

To be happy in each moment,
To rejoice in each new day,
To be always true and loving
In the things you do and say;
To find beauty all around you
And in everyone you see –
That’s the secret to becoming
The best person you can be!


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