15 April 2005

Al Bielek

Quote for the day:

“I can't understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I'm frightened of old ones.”
US composer of avant-garde music
(1912 - 1992)

Here it is April 15th already and it is a chilly morning in the valley. It has been below zero degrees three mornings running now when I awaken with highs in the afternoons of plus 18 degrees Celsius. What a very different Spring it has been so far!

Photo credit: National Archives

Guess who is coming to our area to speak? Al Bielek, the Philadelphia Experiment Research/Project Invisibility Scientist! Can’t believe our luck – he is speaking in Vernon – close enough to go and hear what this fascinating individual has to say. It would be difficult to miss this man’s incredible life journey if one has a love of Nicola Tesla – which I sure do.

U.S.S. Eldridge Light Refraction Experiment Posted by Hello

Refracted Light Experiment

Photo credit: Viewzone

Thanks so very much to the Canadian Society of Questers for bringing him to town. For those interested he will be speaking at:

The Okanagan University College Lecture Theatre, 7000 College Way, Vernon, B.C.
Sunday May 8th 2 - 5pm

Send cheque or money order, payable to the Canadian Society of Questers to:

Merlin Beltain, RR#7, Parker Cove C-163, Vernon BC V1T 7Z3
Phone: 250-542-5940 Fax: 250-542-1226 Email: quester@cablelan.net

Looking forward to a good turn out from our open-minded area of British Columbia. See you there.


Vortex Science
The Resonance Project
Immaneul Velikovski
Borderland Sciences


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